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Custom Process

Custom Process

The rug is the earth from which everything in a room grows. Creating a custom rug that carries the perfect size, color, material, and luster allows for a balanced and harmonious interior from top to bottom.​​ 

​​When customizing our patterns or developing your own, our design team will assist you throughout the process. Utilizing our expertise in scale, color, pattern, and construction makes for an easy, seamless experience in creating the perfect rug for your space.


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Each existing Lindstrom Rug pattern is available in any variation you can dream up. Tweaking color, form and texture can alter any of our patterns in a way that works best for your space. These are mere suggestions, however. We encourage you to design your own pattern, to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that makes a space both unique and attributable to your own personal style.


Dictating the size or shape of a rug is one of the most essential reasons to customize your own rug. Every room in every house is slightly different from the next. By choosing a custom size or shape, the rug will accurately fit the space in which it lives, thus providing a proportionate placement to any space it lies in. A rectangle is the most common shape requested, but we often create circular and oblong rugs to match our client’s special needs.


Texture customizations are plentiful. By changing pile height (low or high) pile high, using loop technique, shag, carving, and flatweave styles, there are a variety of ways to make your custom rug texturally interesting. Integrating any of the above can create a visually stimulating and unusual pattern experience with the end user. A variety of these techniques are available at any of our showrooms for your interest. 


As designing your own rug can feel like a daunting task to anyone, our talented staff can assist in a multitude of ways, offering full service design or simply another set of eyes to help guide you along the way. Bringing your custom vision to life is just another part of who we are – always striving to bring timeless rugs to life, without creative boundaries or limitations.


A variety of natural materials pave the way for an assortment of different textures in your custom rug. From the smooth hand of Chinese Silk to the organic feel of Cactus, every yarn is expertly selected to ensure only the best quality of materials are chosen to be woven. Depending on the type of install, some materials are better than others to adapt to each home or commercial necessities. Our experts can advise for any type of project to ensure only the most appropriate materials are selected.


With over 1200 colors poms to select from, customizing the perfect palate is easily attainable. Alternatively, paint colors, fabric swatches, and Pantone colors alike can easily be matched by our artisan dye master to get the most desired match possible. While many rug patterns require a large magnitude of color hues, it is only the primaries that are required. The color experts at our mill will adjust each darker or lighter shade to create the perfect gradation required.

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