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Ethical Weaving

good weave

Responsibly Woven &
Socially Conscious

GoodWeave International is a nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the rug industry and offers educational opportunities to children in weaving communities. The GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labor was used in the making of your rug. 

In order to earn the GoodWeave label, rug exporters and importers like Erik Lindstrom must be licensed under the GoodWeave certification program and sign a legally binding contract to adhere to GoodWeave’s no-child-labor standard; allow unannounced random inspections by local inspectors; and pay a licensing fee that helps support GoodWeave’s monitoring, inspections and education programs. GoodWeave currently operates in 14 countries, including the weaving communities of Afghanistan, India and Nepal, and in the consumer countries of Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, which oversees licensing in North America. 

A portion of any GoodWeave rug purchased at Erik Lindstrom™ will be donated to support GoodWeave’s education programs and other community initiatives for former child weavers and their families, the inspection and certification process and other operational costs, including the GoodWeave consumer education campaign.